Are Singaporean workers ready for the green economy? • With commentary from Acre's Ian Povey-Hall

12 April 2023 by Ian Povey-Hall
blog author

​In a recent article for The Edge Singapore, Acre’s Global Director of Sustainable Finance, Ian Povey-Hall, discusses whether Singapore is prepared for its desired transition to a green economy in light of the release of Singapore’s Shortage Occupation List, which indicates that the country is facing a skills shortage in the sustainability sector.

Povey-Hall highlights that creating a divide between green and digital skills is unhelpful; rather it is the intersections between sustainability and technology that are imperative to the transition to a green economy, and it is these intersections that Singaporean companies should encourage.

“For anyone who’s looking at how to go about building their career, just step away from the binary of ‘green’ and ‘not green’; think about the kind of work you want to do or have enjoyed doing, where you feel there’s some kind of mission and purpose.”

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Original Source: The Edge Singapore | Written by: Jovi Ho | Published on: 05/04/23