Fund-Racing for a Cleaner Ocean

31 May 2023 by Harco Leertouwer
blog author

​Ocean Generation, founded by Jo Ruxton MBE and led by Richard Hill, is on a mission to empower an inclusive movement to tackle ocean threats through science and storytelling. As our charity partner, we are proud to support Ocean Generation to continue their impactful work.

We are thrilled to share that Harco J. Leertouwer, our Managing Director Europe, will be FundRacing for Ocean Generation by cycling from Heidelberg to Amsterdam along the Rhine river from the 27-29th June. By doing so, Harco will increase awareness of micro-plastic polluting the Rhine river and raise money for the important work that Ocean Generation is doing to protect our oceans.

Harco will be cycling 600 km in 3 days along the cities where he has lived most of his life. We would like to thank Heidelberg Materials and NH Hotel Group for supporting him in making this happen – many thanks also to Nicola Kimm, Elena Ruiz García and Alexander Dürr for supporting him on this journey.

Harco is aiming to raise €5,000 for Ocean Generation. If you would like to support him in reaching this goal, please use the QR code or link to make your donation – every donation, no matter how small, counts!

To donate, please click here.​