Episode 1 • Talent and the Sustainable Economy • The Sustainable Finance Podcast

06 July 2023 by Acre
blog author

We all know how important good employees are to any business. But in financial services, and particularly sustainable finance, finding and developing top talent is absolutely critical.This is the first episode of The Sustainable Finance Podcast, featuring our very own Andy Cartland and Gloria Mirrione. If you’re not yet familiar with Paul Ellis and The Sustainable Finance Podcast, it boasts a series of interviews with sustainable finance experts from top companies and global organizations like Schroders, FTSE Russel, The London Stock Exchange Group, Gitterman Wealth Management, and many more.

In the episode, Andy and Gloria provide insights into the crucial role that finance plays in making a positive impact in the transition to a more sustainable economy, and the talent required to lead the change needed.

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