London Climate Action Week seeks global engagement for climate change solutions

27 June 2024 by Acre
blog author

​London Climate Action Week (LCAW) is back to show the capital - and the rest of the world - the importance of engagement and collaboration to explore solutions for a net zero future.

This year, the annual festival - which runs from June 22-30 - will unite individuals, organisations and communities through an array of diverse events as it highlights four key themes to support decarbonisation and help build resilience.

These themes are:

1. The Road to Climate Ambition at COP30 (unpacking how to deliver a 1.5 degree aligned outcome in 2025)

2. Financing the global climate transition (looking at how public and private finance systems – if reformed – could support a new global finance goal at COP29)

3. Delivering a net zero and resilient UK (exploring how to make transformations required across the UK and how London can play a part in this, alongside the city’s ambitious 2030 net zero target)

4. Mobilising whole of society climate action (focusing on key networks in law, education, health, fashion, arts, culture and beyond)

LCAW, which was founded in 2019 via a partnership between E3G and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will showcase flagship events all week. This aims to spotlight the themes and make London Climate Action Week fully visible and accessible not only to Londoners but to people across the globe.

The ethos of the week follows consultation with hundreds of stakeholders who wanted the week to drive global action while also being embedded into life in London, a highly diverse city with a large population.

It is hoped other cities will follow suit and host similar events globally, with full society engagement to support decarbonisation.

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