Singapore sustainability summits spotlight collaboration and innovation

24 June 2024 by Acre
blog author

​CEOs, VPs, chief officers, leaders, directors, heads of departments and professors flocked to two Singapore summits last week, sharing best practice for tackling global water and environmental challenges.

The three-day Clean Enviro Summit (CESG 2024) kicked off on June 19th and around 20,000 attendees and speakers from across the globe took part to foster meaningful collaboration and share knowledge.

The event was held at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre and focused on global collaboration and innovation with the theme ‘Action for a Sustainable and Clean Environment’. It followed Singapore International Water Week (SIWW2024) which opened at the same venue on June 18th.

Thought leaders and experts convened at the events to share knowledge, generate new business opportunities and devise sustainability solutions for water and the environment.

Global stakeholders took advantage of the platforms to explore innovations and collaborative opportunities as part of the urgent action required to deal with climate impacts.

The opening address was given by Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment and Minister-in-charge of Trade Relations.

Minister Fu reiterated the urgency for global climate action and shared Singapore’s efforts in building a greener, more climate-resilient and sustainable future amidst resource scarcity across the globe.

She also announced the Singapore Water Centre launch, formed in partnership between Singapore and the World Bank Group.

The biennial CESG event, in its sixth year, is organised by Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA), in conjunction with SIWW. It deep-dived into the three pillars and showcased pioneering technologies to help tackle the most pressing environmental challenges.

Three pillars at CESG:
1. Climate Action
2. Resource Circularity
3. Public Hygiene

This year’s key themes at SIWW:
1. Water sustainability
2. Net zero and decarbonisation
3. Resource circularity
4. Digitalisation

A new pillar on climate adaptation was introduced, focusing on coastal protection and flood resilience, along with the addition of an industrial water solutions technology and innovation platform.

SIWW2024 hosted business delegations from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and India, among others, who will explore solutions in the Water Expo and saw more than 400 exhibitors from over 30 countries and regions.

Close to 100 global water utilities and water agencies (including more than 50 CEOs) attended the Utilities CEO Roundtable and participated in high-level discussions on water circularity and net zero.

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