We know the value of a fail-safe space to experiment with new and different skills.

We offer leadership training programmes that close skill gaps and enable sustainable behavior change in health, safety and sustainability teams. We call these Learning Pods: our solution to creating more effective and engaging virtual training environments.

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Facilitates Peer Learning

With cohorts of up to 8 people, Learning Pods help create peer networks within teams to grow, reflect and strengthen team performance.

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Suits Flexible Working

Our programmes are designed specifically to suit flexible working arrangements and ensure that a sense of community is not lost in physical distance.

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Allows Time for Reflection

Sessions are structured to offer participants digestible amounts of information with time between sessions to reflect, experiment and to turn insights into action.

Meet Our Development Coaches


  • Ken Andersen - Siemens Energy - Testimonial

    ​​Putting our Heads of EHS through Acre's framework has been extremely valuable to the business. It has helped everyone to reflect and consider how they can improve / make adjustments to be stronger, both individually and as a community. In addition, we are delighted with the Skills Development Center (SDC) rolled out across our entire EHS Community. The SDC challenged and stretched participants to self reflect and make improvements to become a stronger EHS support function and coaching community.

    Ken Andersen, Head of Governance - UK & Ireland

    Siemens Energy
  • Stephanie Camm, Head of Health & Safety

    ​​Acre offers an incredible range of services, all of which I have found hugely beneficial personally in my career, and to the organization I work for.

    I have worked with Acre for two years and have found their recruitment, Frameworks Discovery sessions, group coaching and one to one coaching sessions have all had a profound impact and positive effect on our EHS team.

    Stephanie Camm, Head of Health & Safety, Unite Students

  • Helen Davitt - Vodafone - Testimonial

    Space to reflect, learn, experiment and grow; and then repeat!

    Kendelle has given our teams the space to learn and grow through a combination of individual exercises and shared experiences, helping them live their values in their work and link actions to their motivations.

    In these ongoing challenging times, it's easy to pause development; however, I've found it personally helpful with my own resilience and helped quieten those inner saboteurs.

    Vodafone logo

    Helen Davitt, Group Health, Safety & Wellbeing Director

  • Graeme Evans - Co-op Property - Testimonial

    ​For me personally, I took away the need to focus on myself more; not in a selfish way, but so that I am more aware of the factors that are affecting both my wellbeing and work performance. On a team level, I certainly feel more bonded to those in the room and think I’ll be a better teammate to those people.

    The virtual sessions worked as well as being in the same physical space. Maybe even better as the individual personal setting perhaps encouraged more personal sharing of emotions. The Acre Framework Coach was both challenging and sympathetic at appropriate times and always kept the sessions engaging.

    Graeme Evans, PMO Manager

    Co-op Property
  • Gail Weeks - Nokia - Testimonial

    ​​Connecting virtually, from our homes, with video cameras on has become second nature to most of us now, but it's not always easy to replicate the workshop experience when you're not able to be in a room together. What works really well in this virtual workshop environment is the way the Acre Frameworks Development Coach manages to make it feel as if we are all together physically - everyone feels comfortable and open to sharing thoughts and ideas.

    The way the workshop is led means everyone has the opportunity to not only put their ideas forward but to work through any challenges they have in a particular area.

    Gail Weeks, Health & Wellbeing Programme Manager


Browse Our Course Modules

  • The 2023/24 Sustainability Census is Now Live

    The 2023/24 Sustainability Census is Now Live

    Download Here

    With over 2,200 responses, the report aims to paint a global, holistic picture of the sustainability profession within business and finance today.

    The 2023/24 Sustainability Census is Now Live
  • Developing a Growth Mindset

    ​​Often an excellent start to any team's development journey, our Developing a Growth Mindset module helps teams develop awareness of the many things that prevent us from embracing challenges and feedback as opportunities, rather than roadblocks.

    This, in turn, allows us to support participants to take a proactive approach to personal and professional growth.

    Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Creative Questioning

    ​​This highly interactive module gives teams valuable time and space to switch on their creative and critically analytical minds.

    It begins with a shared exploration of individuals’ behavioural preferences from the OPQ and concludes with a creative thinking exercise that can be applied to day-to-day routines that will encourage more innovative, improved ways of working.

    Creative Questioning
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

    ​​When we manage our emotions well in the workplace, it encourages collaboration and enables teams to thrive.

    In this double module, we'll tackle common barriers associated with showing empathy and building rapport in a remote landscape, offering useful coaching tools for increasing EQ along the way.

    Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Trust as a Feature of Psychological Safety

    In this double module, we'll look at Amy Edmonson's concepts of psychological safety to facilitate courageous conversations that demonstrate levels of trust in your team.

    We'll explore how each individual is choosing to 'show up' at work and ultimately, how the team can support each other to deliver more effectively on collective objectives.​​

    Trust as a Feature of Psychological Safety
  • How to Deal with 'Difficult People'

    ​​In our How to Deal with 'Difficult People' double module, we'll support participants to identify and understand the negative effect that toxic communication styles can have on an individual or team's ability to collaborate effectively.

    We'll then offer a range of non-violent communication techniques that can be used to rein them in.

    How to Deal with 'Difficult People'
  • Overcoming Negative Self-Talk & Building Resilience

    ​​Negative self-talk can have a detrimental effect on our self-worth and discourage us from stretching outside of our comfort zones.

    In this double module, we'll unpack the limiting effects of self-criticism at work and support participants to eliminate unhealthy 'negative' emotions on the day-to-day.

    Overcoming Negative Self-Talk & Building Resilience
  • Cultural Sensitivity

    ​​As businesses become increasingly global in scale, it is crucial that teams understand how to effectively navigate the unique cultural differences that come with them.

    This two-part module equips participants with practical strategies for evaluating, leading and adapting in a global team.

    Cultural Sensitivity
  • Embracing Your Personal Brand & Values-Led Leadership

    ​​We all have our own unique style but we don't always know how to make the most of it.

    This module involves a deep dive into understanding our personal values and how they impact the way we 'show up' at work.

    We then support participants to communicate their values in order to develop and showcase an engaging leadership style.

    Embracing Your Personal Brand & Values-Led Leadership
  • Finding Balance in a Virtual World

    ​​This module enables teams to step away from the day-to-day to reflect on what a productive, engaging, and healthy virtual workday looks like.

    Using a proven coaching tool, we'll facilitate meaningful, candid conversations about sustainable steps that can be taken to achieve a desired balance between work and home life.

    Finding Balance in a Virtual World
  • Giving Effective Feedback

    As human beings, we tend to avoid giving honest feedback for fear of hurting feelings.

    Using Kim Scott's Radical Candorfeedback framework, this module demonstrates that being clear is being kind. By approaching feedback with curiosity, we'll equip participants with productive coaching strategies to avoid getting defensive and to embrace opportunities for change.

    Giving Effective Feedback
  • Leading with Courage

    In the wise words of Dr. Brené Brown, "The world is desperate for braver leaders. It’s time for all of us to step up."

    This module is a 'go-to' foundational building block to help teams debunk the idea that vulnerability is synonymous with weakness.

    On the contrary, we'll consider how a culture of openness, honesty and non-judgment can increase productivity and overall performance.

    Leading with Courage
  • Forming Habits & Setting Goals

    ​​Knowledge is power and this module is designed to prove exactly that. We'll explore practical strategies aimed at abandoning unhelpful habits and replacing them with productive ones.

    We'll prompt teams to critically analyse the individual and collective habits that drive their progress forward, concluding the session with goal setting to envoke meaningful behavior change.

    Forming Habits & Setting Goals
  • Managing Stress Cycles in a Virtual World

    ​​Remote working presents a variety of intimidating psycho-social risk factors.

    We'll invite participants to consider how their behaviours impact their ability to thrive in a virtual setting, enabling them to understand how to support each other and to perform more effectively as a team.

    To conclude, we'll explore evidence-based strategies for stress management in the 'new normal.'

    Managing Stress Cycles in a Virtual World
  • Unlocking Professional Curiosity

    ​​When we get comfortable in our careers, it can be easy to lose sight of the value that professional curiosity can add to the workplace.

    This module aims to inspire teams to reconnect with their inner sense of curiosity. To do so, we'll introduce the concept of asking powerful questions in order to harness a growth mindset and ultimately, to engage more effectively with key stakeholders.

    Unlocking Professional Curiosity
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style

    ​​This thought-provoking module explores Daniel Goleman’s emotional leadership styles framework in order to develop an adaptive approach to stakeholder engagement and determine the behaviors that will serve participants' efforts to lead effectively.

    We'll prompt participants to flex their self-awareness muscles to consider the leadership styles that they're most and least likely to adopt, deepening their learnings from their Acre Frameworks Discovery Session.

    Understanding Your Leadership Style
  • Building an 'Alliance' With Your Direct Reports

    ​​Whether you manage one individual or a whole team, this module is meant for you.

    Using the concept of 'the Alliance,' we'll support managers to foster honest, transparent conversations with their direct reports in order to establish a mutually beneficial relationship whereby the employer receives great value from an employee's contributions and, in return, the employee has meaningful opportunities to grow towards their long term goals.

    Building an 'Alliance' With Your Direct Reports

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Why Should You Use Acre Frameworks' Leadership Training Workshops?

From our experience recruiting and developing leaders in safety and sustainability-related professions over the past 18 years, we have identified the key non-technical training needs that businesses have when they are working to develop leadership skills on an individual and team level.

How do Learning Pods work?

Learning Pods are our solution to creating more effective and engaging virtual leadership training environments. In comparison to the traditional all-day, face-to-face workshop, Learning Pods involve 7 leadership training workshops delivered on a fortnightly basis either in-house or by sponsoring individuals to join a cross-organizational open course. These 7 sessions include:

  • An introductory session designed to ensure that participants are clear on the purpose of the course, what's in it for them and the steps they'll need to take to ensure that they get the most from their experience.

  • Your choice of 5 x different modules developed in collaboration with industry leaders and designed to equip participants with the non-technical skills required to effectively navigate relevant, realistic business scenarios.

  • A final session aimed at re-visiting initial objectives and ensuring that participants are set up for success as they carry their learnings forward.

We have 16 modules available to choose from. You can browse them above or by clicking here.

Interested in learning more?

We'd love to discuss how Learning Pods can benefit your team. Please fill out the short form below and a member of our team will be in touch with more information.


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