All modules are 90 minutes in length

Growth Mindset

Often an excellent start to any team's development journey, this learning pod helps teams develop awareness of the many things that prevent us from seeing challenges and feedback as opportunities, as we often negatively view them as roadblocks. This allows us to support participants to take a proactive approach to personal and professional growth.

Values-Led Leadership

What are our personal values? We’ll discover how our values affect impact and the way they influence our working environment. We’ll support participants to help communicate their values in order to develop and showcase an engaging leadership style.

Habits for Success

Knowledge is power and this pod is designed to prove exactly that. We'll explore practical strategies aimed at abandoning unhelpful habits and replacing them with productive ones. We'll prompt teams to critically analyse the individual and collective habits that drive their progress.

Influencing for Change

Within this module we’ll discuss what influence is and understand what the different styles of influence are. How can we become more influential in different situations, and what could the impact of this be?

Conflict Resolution

We will identify and understand how different perspectives affect conflict and discover the strengths and limitations of the ways in which we naturally approach conflict. We will also cover how to use transactional analysis for dealing with conflict management.

Coaching for Goals

The importance of goal setting is key to invoke meaningful behavioural change. We will understand how to set goals, use them and learn how to create a plan for achieving these.

Understanding Leadership Styles

This thought- provoking learning pod explores ways to develop an adaptive approach to stakeholder engagement and determine the behaviours that will serve participants' efforts to lead effectively. We’ll discover what the different leadership styles are and will prompt participants to identify their natural preference for the way they lead. Finally, we’ll understand why trust is important and how to build that into a leadership style.

Extraordinary Productivity

What hinders our productivity? Making and understanding our 'to-do' list will give you a greater understanding of how to organise time in order to be more productive and achieve our goals.

Finding Balance

This module enables teams to step away from the day- to- day to reflect on what a productive, engaging,and healthy virtual workday looks like. We will analyse how balanced you feel at work and become familiar with different ways of focusing.

Psychological Safety

In this module, we'll explore Amy Edmonson's concept of psychological safety to facilitate courageous conversations that demonstrate levels of trust within a team. We’ll look at how individuals choose to engage at work and ultimately, how a team can support each other to deliver more effectively on collective objectives.

Managing Uncertainty

By the conclusion of this learning pod, we will understand the fear associated with uncertainty, and discover how to manage decision making in times of doubt. We will also discuss what is meant by feeling a state of 'FOG'.

Coaching Habit

What is a coaching relationship? We will demonstrate how to practice empathy and active listening, and understand how to conduct powerful questioning. How should we manage the advice trap? All this and more, will be covered within this learning pod.

Effective Feedback

As human beings, we tend to avoid giving honest feedback for fear of hurting feelings. Using Kim Scott's Radical Candour feedback framework, this module demonstrates that being clear is being kind. By approaching feedback with curiosity, we'll equip participants with productive coaching strategies such as using powerful questioning to avoid getting defensive and to embrace opportunities for change.


We will look at what networking actually is and understand how to effectively engage in networking activities. We’ll also look at ways of maintaining your network in the long-term for ongoing engagement.​

Cultural Sensitivity

As businesses become increasingly global in scale, it is crucial that teams understand how to effectively navigate the unique cultural differences that come with them in terms of communication methods and the presence of subcultural sensitivities. This learning pod will equip participants with practical strategies for evaluating, leading and adapting in a global team.

Personal Brand

We all have our own unique style, yet we don't always know how to make the most of it. In this pod we’ll learn how to understand ourselves and our strengths. We’ll also understand how we would like to be known to others and practice our elevator pitches.

Managing Emotions

When we manage our emotions in the workplace it encourages collaboration and enables teams to thrive. Acknowledgement of emotions, the role of emotional intelligence and the use of emotional agility will be covered in this session. We'll also tackle common barriers associated with showing empathy and building rapport in a remote landscape, offering useful coaching tools for increasing EQ along the way.


We’ll begin with understanding the different types of motivation within this learning pod. How to increase our fundamental motivations and extract greater meaning from our work will be key, as will understanding how we can increase our Team's intrinsic motivations.

Managing Stress

Stress plays such a big part of our lives that it’s important to understand what exactly it is and what stressors are. There are ways to identify these in different ways, and we will come to understand how to cope with stress in different ways.


What does it mean to show grit? We will consider the factors which make someone determined and strong-minded, as well as understanding how you can apply grit to your life to help reach your full potential.

Stakeholder Engagement

Who are our stakeholders? We will create space to assess the success of the team's stakeholder engagement, and will identify opportunities and risks attached to these. Finally, we will come away with agreed actions to strengthen our stakeholder relationships.

Team Values

This learning pod will provide clarity on company, team, and individual values - and seeing where they align. Does the team contribute to the company’s values? Is there an opportunity to do more? We will also look at the unique values upheld within the team, and find agreement on working behaviours (considering the culture of the team) that will uphold these values in practice.

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