2021 Forestry & Agriculture Investment Summit: How Do Corporate Investments Impact Forestry & Biodiversity | Acre Panel

18 May 2021
00:00 AM to 00:00 AM
Forestry & Agriculture Investment Summit

Acre’s Director of Sustainable & Impact Investing, Ian Povey-Hall, will lead a panel with Nabil Fawaz, Edit Kiss and Rachael Nutter to discuss the impact of corporate investments on forestry and biodiversity at the Forestry & Agriculture Investment Summit.

They'll explore the aims of large corporates when selecting investments, the long-term impacts of extensive corporate entry into this asset class, direct vs. pooled corporate investments and more.

What is the Forestry & Agriculture Investment Summit?

The Forestry and Agriculture Investment Summit will cover all aspects of these asset classes and their role in: 

- shaping climate change

- greening up portfolios

- geographical differences and expected carbon and financial returns

- corporate moves into forestry as a way to reduce their carbon footprints

- impact investing and what KPI’s to use

- block chain models for investors

- latest trends in regenerative agriculture

- agroforestry

- latest disruptive technologies

- ownership models and investment structures

- blended finance

- managing risks and long term returns

- new methods and practices that are set to revolutionise these segments

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