Location London
Job-type Permanent
Salary £Competitive
Reference 14628

It's an exciting time to be joining the team, as Sedex, at the start of an ambitious five-year growth strategy to increase their customer base and revenue, supporting our mission to impact the lives of workers in supply chains.

The Responsible Sourcing team develops the methodology that underpins all of Sedex's products and tools. Sedex is keen to ensure that its tools offer members the ability to look at all areas of their supply chains, in order to drive improved working conditions and supplier performance. Consequently, the organisation is developing a new product line, focused on assessing the supply chains of service providers (indirect suppliers).

​You'll also be acting as the subject matter expert to help guide cross-functional teams to develop the products and tools to deliver the methodology. This new service offering is not constrained by existing methodologies, so you will have the opportunity to firstly repurpose Sedex's existing tools, and then later develop a new set of products for assessing and improving working conditions at service providers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Leads on developing methodology in order to create a compelling set of tools and processes for Sedex members for their indirect supply chains, both for an evolved version of Sedex's tools in 2022, and a new and more innovative approach in 2023 and beyond.

  • Works with cross-functional development teams to build new service provider solutions, ensuring stakeholders' views are taken into account and coordinating how the solution may affect other products and services.

  • Collates all relevant feedback and insights from membership, audit firms and the wider industry and integrates them into the methodology and product evolution process. This includes hosting and running events, as well as running pilots of early-stage tests of the methodology.

  • Apply insights and trends to feed into methodology, product development, and Sedex's Responsible Sourcing Strategy.

  • When required, help demonstrate Sedex's knowledge/expertise on key issues and demonstrate Sedex's products in practice.

Your Experience:

  • Excellent knowledge of Responsible Sourcing / Sustainable supply chains - in-house, as a consultant, or in a membership organisation.

  • Strong knowledge of assessment methodologies, including onsite audit, remote audit, worker engagement, and supplier assessment questionnaires.

  • Good knowledge of service provider / indirect supply chains

  • Track record of creating, launching and managing products/tools for responsible sourcing

  • Understanding of how to make both commercial and social impact through responsible sourcing.

  • Understanding / demonstrated experience in beyond-audit thinking and supplier continuous improvement.

  • Demonstrated passion for building worker voice into responsible sourcing.

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