As a leading impact investing firm, ImpactAssets offers deep strategic expertise to help their clients define and execute on their impact goals. They also offer innovative philanthropic and impact investing products and services that enable their clients to target their exact impact goals. They serve everyone from individuals and families to institutions including foundations, corporations and family offices. However you envision a better world, ImpactAssets exists to help you achieve your greatest impact.

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What are ImpactAssets values?

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    People First

    As a remote, people-first culture, ImpactAssets cares deeply about their team members’ connections to one another and as such, travel 2-3 times per year to company events will be required.

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    Mission Driven

    ImpactAssets is a team committed to driving positive change through impact investing and grant making with urgency and intention. It’s hard work. It’s important work. It’s fun and inspiring work. It’s work that immerses you in a community that has the tools and ingenuity to change the trajectory of our planet and improve the lives of all people.

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    Diverse and Inclusive Culture

    ImpactAssets celebrates differences and actively works to increase diversity, equity and inclusion across every aspect of their work. From embracing unique perspectives to ensuring that investment practices increase access to financing for historically marginalized communities—they are rooted in the belief that respecting and supporting people from every background is critical to their mission.

At ImpactAssets, we are doubling down on our mission: investing in what matters and driving creative capital to solutions that we know can make a difference. The ImpactAssets team continues to be laser-focused on where need is greatest and impact investing and philanthropy can ignite and accelerate lasting transformation.

- Margret Trilli, CEO and CIO

ImpactAssets believes that achieving their vision of a better world starts with their people. They're a team committed to driving positive change through impact investing and grant making with urgency and intention. It's hard work. It's important work. It's fun and inspiring work. It's work that immerses you in a community that has the tools and ingenuity to change the trajectory of the planet and improve the lives of all people.

Sound like something you've got the heart and skills to contribute to? Below you will find a list of available roles that offer the chance to contribute meaningfully to ImpactAssets' mission and vision.

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    Investment Operations

    - Director, Operations (coming soon)

    - Officer, Investment Operations (coming soon)

    - Associate, Investment Services and Investment Operations (coming soon)

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    - Director, Strategic Projects (coming soon)

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    Corporate Function

    - Director, Strategic Initiatives (coming soon)

    - Associate Counsel (coming soon)

More about ImpactAssets

Investing in Today’s Most Urgent Challenges

At ImpactAssets, the aim is to fulfil their organizational vision—to change the trajectory of our planet’s future and improve the lives of all people—by using the full breadth of their impact investing capabilities to tackle challenging issues. ImpactAssets uses their creativity and expertise to develop a structured, research-driven approach. This starts with in-depth research to understand capital flows, and continues by determining critical funding gaps to develop targeted investment strategies. ImpactAssets identifies the best levers for capital intervention to drive catalytic impact and ignite systemic shifts.


Climate Solutions

By channelling capital to areas where the biggest gaps in climate funding exist, we can help reduce global net greenhouse gas emissions and improve the climate resilience of vulnerable communities worldwide.

Racial Equity

Impact investors and philanthropists have a critical role to play in advancing equity by channeling capital to key areas of opportunity aimed at closing the racial wealth gap and improving socioeconomic outcomes for communities of color.

Gender Equality

Equal rights and access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender identity is fundamental to whether and how societies thrive. Creative and flexible investment from impact investors and philanthropists can play a critical role in closing the gap by addressing the social and economic empowerment of women and girls.

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