The First-Ever Carbon Solutions Talent Report

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Solutions to capture, remove and repurpose carbon are pivotal in the global fight against climate change, offering innovative approaches for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating environmental impacts.

As industry players seek to understand what carbon solutions professionals will need to succeed, crucial questions emerge:

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    How will employers attract, develop, and retain leading talent?

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    Where should these professionals be based, and how much should they be paid?

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    How can the industry foster a more equitable, inclusive and diverse talent pool?

As somebody who spends their days embedded in the carbon solutions space, I know that understanding the trends relating to talent is paramount to the success of any organization. Our ability to capture, remove, and repurpose carbon hinges on the skills, innovation, and dedication of those leading the charge. By examining and sharing talent trends needed to foster a diverse, skilled workforce, we hope to assist organizations in driving transformative solutions in the fight against climate change.

- Tom Rochford

Director of Clean Technology, Americas


This report aims to provide actionable insights for stakeholders navigating the new and complex terrain of carbon solutions from a talent perspective, paving the way towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. The report focuses on:

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    Key Talent Insights

    - Comparison of North American talent pool vs global in DAC

    - A deep dive into the North American carbon solutions talent landscape

    - Ideas from broader verticals of clean-tech

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    Compensation Structures

    - National average pay range for technical talent

    - Short-term vs long-term incentives

    - Common equity offerings by level

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    Talent Requirements

    - Common qualifications at various levels of technical talent

    - Analysis of the current educational mix in the North American talent pool

    - Academic institutions of note

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    - Current demographic analysis vs other industries

    - Female representation at various levels of leadership today

    - Ideas and resources for improving in the future

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