The Green Recovery and Beyond: 

How exactly are industries working to combat climate change? 

A handbook inspired by Project Drawdown’s roadmap to climate change that highlights specific companies, initiatives and individuals who are activating global tipping points.

The handbook incorporates some of the climate solutions that were presented at: 

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    Climate Week NYC

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    Sustainability Week, London

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The climate crisis is, in part, a communications crisis. We already have the solutions we need to turn things around, but we are still paralysed by misinformation, fear, and the lack of will to act.  We need a clear and compelling vision to move forward
– a vision of a better future, where we all come together to stop climate change, and build a better world for all.

Dr Foley, Project Drawdown

The paper is broken down into the following key sections:

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    - How exactly are industries working to combat climate change?

    - How can we implement climate solutions at scale and in what mix?

    - What role can Global Tipping Points have in scaling up climate solutions?

    - What were people saying about tipping points in 2023?

    - Who are the major contributors to the development of tipping point thinking?

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    Looking Forward

    - Collaboration across sectors is vital for achieving sustainable growth

    - Shifting the narrative from problems to opportunities is essential

    - The green economy offers vast opportunities, engaging youth, driving growth, and addressing skill shortages

    - Ample investment exists for sustainability, but it's crucial to identify necessary infrastructure, tech, and skills

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    Climate Solutions

    - Electricity (Renewable Energy)

    - Food, Agriculture, Land Use

    - Industry

    - Transport

    - Buildings (Commercial & Residential)

    - Indirect Emissions Cuts - Indigenous Peoples & Traditional Communities

    - Carbon Capture/Removal

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    Recommendations & Conclusion

    - Moving from ‘What’ to ‘How’?

    - Future Proofing Your Organisation

    - Moving from ‘ESG’ to ‘Impact’

    - Key Drivers of The Green Economy

    - Are our skills relevant in today’s world?

    - How can Acre help?

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