As well as bespoke salary benchmarking projects, Acre compiles the largest sustainability industry survey every two years.

The report is global and provides intelligence on remuneration, education, team make-up and much more.

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    Total of 1,277 Respondents

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    Key Competency Insights

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    Glimpse Into What's Next

It is an exciting time for sustainability professionals, as all these changes are now impacting consumer behaviours. In this context, leaders are turning to sustainability as a strategic element to unlock business value and gain competitive advantage.

- Anna Maria Rugarli, Senior Director, Sustainability & Responsibility, EMEA VF Corporation

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    Educational Trends

    90% of respondents have either an undergraduate and/or postgraduate degree.

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    Greater Female Response Rate

    The percent of female respondents broke the 60% mark for the first time.

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    Higher Salaries In-House

    The gap between average in-house salaries and consultant salaries widened to £12,000.

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    Highest Average Salaries in North America

    Those working in North America enjoy the highest average salaries of £90,000.

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