​Acre is a leading HSE recruitment company, placing contract and permanent professionals globally.
We’re constantly searching for the best talent in HSE, augmenting our already impressive network with leaders who can drive meaningful change.
Our experienced consultants, backed by our in-house talent development team, have a strong track record of placing senior executives in HSE jobs at world-leading organisations.
We have over two decades worth of experience in health and safety recruitment, and, as such, we have access to an extensive network of professionals, organisations and individuals who are all striving to drive cultural change within HSE.

What does a health and safety manager do?

As a health and safety manager in construction, you’ll be relied upon to promote a positive health and safety culture within your organisation whereby principles of HSE are embedded into the bottom line of your business. You’ll help to ensure that you and your team are seen as trusted partners to your wider business’s operations.
A safety advisor to the construction industry is a role that enjoys a wide remit.
Site safety manager duties include the evaluation of day-to-day business operations through the undertaking of a range of audits and assessments, the outcome of which will help you determine where improvements to health and safety can be made.
You will ensure that safety policies and procedures are adopted and adhered to by the workforce and that the organisation comply with the appropriate health and safety legislation that is required. Using your knowledge and skills you will plan, lead, monitor and review protective and preventive safety measures.

Why is health and safety management in construction important?

Construction health and safety jobs are absolutely vital in the construction industries. All aspects of health and safety should be reported on before any work takes place on site. This is because the industry often operates in hazardous or dangerous environments.

At Acre, we can connect dynamic construction organisations to construction safety managers who are really passionate about their roles, and who are motivated to transform the health and safety industry through meaningful behavioural change.

What kind of health and safety construction jobs can you find at Acre?

​We work with a range of companies on health and safety manager in construction jobs (HSE).​
We help innovative corporates and forward-thinking businesses expedite their EHS projects, develop their teams or provide cover for vacant positions, by providing rapid access to a large network of contract and interim professionals.
We also work across a wide range of disciplines including;

Built Environment
Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ)

What health and safety skills do companies need?

Each health and safety role is different, and for each job different technical skills may be required. While the technical skillset varies considerably depending on your position, the organisation you work for, the sector you operate in, and more, there is a growing and much needed emphasis being placed on today’s health and safety professionals having the non-technical skills required to drive change and deliver measurable impact.

At Acre, we developed a non-technical skill assessment tool to objectively measure non-technical skills in HSE professionals. Co-created in partnership with 100+ HSE leaders, our assessment tool provides a benchmark for understanding where an individual’s strengths and development areas lie and enables us to tailor effective development solutions, such as coaching and team training, to close skill gaps and improve performance.

Available at two different levels, our competency framework helps us to communicate what ‘good’ looks like from a non-technical skill perspective from entry and junior level professionals - looking at skills like Planning & Organisation, Team Player and Application of Technical Skills - right through to the c-suite where we measure skills like Innovation and Courage, Executive Influence and Business Insight.

Off the back of these data-informed insights, we deliver coaching and training services to global HSE and sustainability teams. It allows for a consistent approach to development that allows for local flexibility based on the region within which an employee works.

Are there health and safety management positions available?

Whether you need to fill or create health and safety jobs, our health and safety recruitment team can advise you on the best strategy for your business.

Click here to find out more about our health and safety recruitment process and if your business is interested in creating or filling health and safety roles, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

How can I get a job in health and safety?

Whether you’re beginning your career or you’re an experienced professional interested in making a career change, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’d like to invite purpose into your life through the work that you do, the information in our career advice hub might help set you on the right path.

We also wrote a blog on 5 key skills required for health and safety careers to begin your thinking about how to succeed in the industry. Check it out here.

What other types of health and safety careers are available?

There are a wide range of health and safety careers in demand. Organisations are now requiring progressive HSE professionals who offer new ways to tackle issues faced within the industry.

Our health and safety recruitment team covers built environment HSE, manufacturing HSE, environmental roles and quality management.

What are some useful resources for health and safety professionals?

If you want to learn more about health and safety talent trends or you want to read more information on how you can start a health and safety career, click here to read some of our latest thought leadership.

We have a diverse offering of impactful roles outside of health and safety recruitment, including:

Climate Change Jobs
Environmental Jobs
Sustainability Jobs
Energy & Clean Technology jobs

You can browse Acre's Health and Safety Manager in Construction jobs in a range of organisations here.

If your business is interested in our services, please contact us today. We regret we are unable to support career enquiries via the form below, but please review our current opportunities in our jobs section. If you are seeking a career change to move into the areas we support, please see a useful list of resources to aid your search here.


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