ADEC Innovations designs, develops and delivers innovative solutions and services in ESG, knowledge management, healthcare, and sustainable development.

Since 1996, ADEC Innovations has provided insights, optimized operational efficiencies and empowered leaders to make positive-impact business decisions. As ADEC Innovations’ U.S.-based businesses now move into a new chapter of growth, we are looking for a talented and experienced leader to continue building on the success of this ambitious and impactful organization.

Specifically, in the United States, ADEC Innovations has over 200 employees across four different business entities, operating under five brand names: ADEC Innovations ESG Solutions, ADEC Innovations Technology Solutions, ADEC Innovations USA, Envirosite and FirstCarbon Solutions.

The new CEO will be responsible for the successful leadership and management all of the ADEC Innovations U.S.-based businesses.

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    Headquartered in Manila, Philippines with a network of thousands of employees across 16 countries and 6 continents, ADEC Innovations works with governments, coalitions and businesses to help organizations meet their evolving needs and drive performance.

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    Reporting directly to Jim Donovan, company Co-Founder and Group CEO, this is an exciting opportunity to lead a high-growth, innovative, values-driven organization. You will develop and drive growth strategy, leading the organization with a clear vision and purpose.

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    You'll need to have extensive professional experience in a senior leadership role; a solid understanding of strategic ESG priorities within large corporations; a passion for responsible business and sustainable development, and experience managing software technology businesses.

ADEC Innovations prides itself on being an Equal Opportunity Employer and is focused on advancing the skills and experiences of our staff with opportunities that expand the globe. We are a team of sharp, energetic, innovative professionals, excited to come to work and share ideas with co-workers and clients alike.

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    ADEC Innovations: Mission & Vision

    Vision: Advance sustainable business practices around the world

    Mission: Collaborate on innovative sustainability solutions to help organizations responsibly grow and operate

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    Core Business Area: Professional Services

    Integrating ESG subject-matter expertise, software and data management services to provide a comprehensive and impactful strategy tackling key issues from emissions, climate change and land use to human rights and sustainable development.

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    Core Business Area: Technology

    Software as a Service (SaaS) and Data as a Service (DaaS) combine to improve transparency and accountability in complex organizations, supporting disclosure on responsible sourcing and procurement, providing insights on critical risks to business and measuring environmental and social impacts.

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    Core Business Area: Workforce Solutions

    Implementing process efficiencies through sound data collection and management, throughout a business’ operations and value chain. This includes Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), supply chain data capture, reporting and business intelligence.

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