ClimateCare is an award-winning profit with purpose Certified B Corporation and is recognised for setting the highest standards.

Values and integrity are at the heart of all it does – just as they have been since it was founded in 1997. These values are underpinned by strong environmental credentials, a commercial focus on risk management and a proud record of delivering outstanding results for clients.

ClimateCare works with leading corporates and governments to solve complex climate and sustainability issues. With ClimateCare by their side, they can be confident on their journey to Net Zero.Since 1997, ClimateCare and its partners have cut over 45 million tonnes of CO₂and improved quality of life for more than 41 million people around the world. ClimateCare has ambitious plans to double its impact and scale by cutting 50 million tonnes of CO2 and improve 50 million lives by 2025.

As Nature Based Solutions becomes an increasingly important part of the ClimateCare business, we’re currently looking to hire 3 brand new roles in the Nature Based Solutions team which will play a significant role in their strategic growth plans.

These roles will play a significant part of ClimateCare's strategic growth plans. As such, Rachael Nutter, who previously developed and executed Shell’s new Nature Based Solutions business, has recently entered the business as Director of Nature Based Solutions and will lead the incoming team.

  • uk solutions manager

    UK Nature Based Solutions Manager

    You will be leading the growth of a rapidly evolving Nature Based Solutions (NBS) business area that has a specific focus on UK projects around woodland creation, peat restoration and potentially other pathways such as soil carbon that will avoid and remove carbon dioxide.

    You will be a commercially-minded individual responsible for seeking out and secure project and partnership opportunities, and rapidly grow this part of the business.

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  • technical manager

    Nature Based Solutions Technical Manager

    You will be focusing on carbon project development of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) projects internationally. You will be responsible for origination and screening of project development opportunities, lead the due diligence of projects, from the early stages through to post-issuance, and lead on Carbon Asset Development through to validation verifications and ultimately the issuance of high integrity carbon credits from international projects with credible partners.

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  • commercial manager

    Sourcing Manager - Carbon Portfolio Team

    You will be joining the portfolio management team with a focus on growing and sealing partnerships with carbon project developers and owners around the world.

    In this exciting newly created role, you will take a highly strategic approach to building the portfolio, assessing the opportunities and risks involved to ensure the best-in-class projects in the market.

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Many investment firms are looking to a future in which they meet their Net-Zero targets, achieving an overall balance between emissions produced and emissions taken out of the atmosphere. However, setting these long-term targets does not always compensate for the environmental damage being done right now and companies should be taking full responsibility for all the emissions they produce - both today and tomorrow.

Vaughan Lindsey, CEO of ClimateCare  

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  • b corp

    ClimateCare is: B Corporation Certified

    ClimateCare is a certified B Corporation and was one of the first companies to be awarded B Corporation status in the UK. They remain one of the highest-ranked, having won Number 1 B-Corp in the UK 2018 and an Honouree award in the Best For The World B Corp 2019

  • Global Icon

    ClimateCare is: A Global Business

    A leader in the global carbon markets and climate change sector with offices in the UK and Kenya, it has an international customer base of clients and works with over 300 high quality projects in 56 countries covering 34 technologies

  • backing

    ClimateCare has: Significant Backing

    In 2007, they achieved their first 1 million tonnes of CO2 reductions, and were acquired by investment bank J.P. Morgan the following year. In 2011, ClimateCare bought the business back. ClimateCare now has ambitious plans to double its impact and scale and has recently secured new growth investment with Averna Capital to accelerate towards their 2025 target of 50 million tonnes of CO2

  • team

    ClimateCare has: An Industry Leading Team

    With over 150 years’ collective experience in the global carbon markets and climate change sector, they make a real difference for the world. ClimateCare helped shape the first voluntary carbon markets, and pioneered the use of carbon finance for community-based development projects, with an exceptional team of passionate employees

ClimateCare's Work

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