​​Acre is the global leader in climate recruitment, and we want to make real change to ensure a sustainable future.
We want brighter futures for all: clients, society and the planet we call home.

What are climate jobs?

The responsibilities of a climate job can be very broad due to the wide-reaching impact climate change has on both society and the environment.
Climate change is a global challenge and affects every country on every continent.
As nations across the world commit to tackling climate change, and sign-up to meet ambitious targets, a role in climate is the perfect opportunity to be at the forefront of the sustainability agenda.

Why are climate jobs important?

Climate jobs are essential in combating climate change. Climate professionals work at the source to create solutions to reduce emissions, and to mitigate the problems caused by an increase of CO2 emissions.

In our warming world, climate change professionals are crucial to changing the fate of our planet; however, a greener and more sustainable world would also be a more equal world, indicating that climate jobs are essential to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The aim of many climate change jobs is to:
Reduce CO2 emissions
Enhance sinks of greenhouse gases
Build resilience of human and ecological systems

If these goals are met, climate change professionals will work towards creating a more sustainable future.

What types of climate careers can you find with Acre?

We connect climate professionals with companies that strive to be at the forefront of change.
From our offices in London, Amsterdam, New York and Singapore, we operate across a number of disciplines which all contribute to tackling our global climate crisis including;

Sustainable and Green Finance
Energy and Renewables
Clean Technology
CR and Sustainability

You can find our most up to date climate jobs with a broad range of organisations here.

What skills do organisations expect climate professionals to have?

The technical expectations will be different from role to role, company to company and from individual to individual. So, at Acre, we focus on both technical and non-technical competence when evaluating our candidates.

Currently, there is a high demand for climate professionals; however, there is a shortage of qualified climate professionals around the world.

On a daily basis, we help organisations solve these problems and conceptualise solutions. Armed with our bespoke competency framework that is made up of data of 2,000 purpose-driven individuals’ non-technical skills, we know what “good” looks like from a non-technical skill perspective.

Are there climate jobs available?

At Acre, we connect aspirational professionals with companies that are working towards a more sustainable future.

Whether your business is looking to create or fill climate emergency jobs, our climate recruitment team can help. We’ll work with you to form a deep understanding of your ambitions to find the best solutions for your organisation.

Click here to find out more about our climate recruitment services, and if your business is interested in discussing climate jobs’ role expansion or creation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Regrettably, we do not look to hire graduates or new career starters; however, if you’re looking for more information on getting started in the climate industry, the information on our career advice hub can help.

What other sectors does Acre recruit in?

We recruit in a wide range of different sustainability-focussed sectors outside the climate careers, including:
Energy & Clean Technology
Health & Safety

What are some useful resources for climate professionals to have?

If you’re interested in learning more about climate jobs or you’re thinking about pursuing a career in the climate sector, browse through some of our latest thought leadership here.

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