Managing Challenge

Utilises effective interpersonal skills to gain acceptance of ideas with an adaptive approach. Has courage and conviction, whilst being open-minded to the views of others. Remains calm in difficult situations. Demonstrates emotional intelligence and empathy.

Taking Action

Initiates timely actions to accomplish individual and wider team objectives. Proactively seeks opportunities to act before being asked. Establishes and maintains stakeholder network.

Continuous Improvement

Evaluates processes and working practices to promote a culture of learning. Identifies opportunities to drive business performance through consulting with others. Challenges the status quo and is prepared to do things differently.

Team Player

Actively listens to and considers the needs and motivations of teammates to build close relationships. Understands the key responsibilities of their role and the role of others in the context of the wider objectives the business has set out to achieve; uses this knowledge to identify and drive opportunities for collaboration. Actively contributes to a trusting team culture where people feel supported to achieve collective goals.

Stakeholder Engagement

Actively engages with internal and external stakeholders in order to understand their needs and collaborate effectively. Seeks feedback in the interest of continuous improvement. Adapts approach when appropriate to meet the needs of stakeholders.


Serves as a trusted thinking partner to others in order to help them learn, grow and reach their full potential. Works to understand others’ motivations and behaviours and empathically challenges people to stretch outside of their comfort zones and grow in the direction of their goals. Remains open-minded, approachable and seeks to inspire others.

Planning & Organising

Develops structured and efficient approaches to deliver work on time and to a high standard with consideration for the context and stakeholders involved.

Flexible to Change

Manages dynamic situations and adapts effectively. Embraces change with an open mind and is prepared to reconsider position when a valid challenge is made.