International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM) is an international, CEO-led organisation dedicated to creating a safe, just and sustainable world enabled by responsibly produced metals and minerals. Bringing together 27 mining and metals companies and over 35 regional and commodities associations, it strengthens the environmental and social performance of the industry and serves as a catalyst for change, enhancing mining’s contribution to society.

ICMM is a globally connected, innovative team that is passionate about sustainability and the contribution mining can make to the sustainable development agenda. They live their values and collaboration is central to their culture - from the way they work as a team to their engagement with members and the relationships built with other sectors, media, civil society, investors and suppliers. ICMM deeply values the contributions of every individual and encourages team members to bring their unique perspective, experience and passion to the work that they do.

ICMM has five values that guide its work and how it interacts with others. These are:

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    Care for the safety, health and well-being of workers, contractors, communities and consumers.

    Respect for people, the environment and the values of host societies.

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    Integrity in dealings with employees, communities, governments and others.

    Accountable to do what they say they will do and uphold their commitments.

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    Collaborate as a preferred means of working with others in an open, transparent and inclusive manner.

"ICMM itself is a really special organisation. We bring together a third of the global mining and metals industry, along with key partners to drive leadership, action, and innovation for sustainable development, ultimately delivering a positive contribution to society."

Rohitesh Dhawan - CEO

The team at ICMM is growing rapidly, and we're helping them create and fill a number of new roles to address the following critical themes:

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    Climate Change & Environmental Resilience:

    Mining and metals operations, local communities and others all depend on clean air, water, land and energy. Securing failed access to these shared resources increasingly depends on demonstrating responsible stewardship and recognising the needs of others

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    Innovation for Sustainability:

    Driving a step-change in the way mines are designed, built and operated to reduce waste, minimise carbon emissions, improve worker health and safety, and contribute to the development of local communities through transformative partnerships and innovation.

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    Governance and Transparency:

    There is an expectation that the private sector can and should play a significant role in promoting and supporting the delivery of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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    Social Performance:

    Achieving excellence in social performance requires strong leadership, integrated management systems and the capability and culture to identify, address and report social risks and impacts.

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ICMM's approach is anchored in collaboration, bringing together industry and broader stakeholders such as investors, suppliers, communities, Indigenous Peoples, academia, and civil society to achieve their vision of a safe, just and sustainable world, enabled by responsibly produced minerals and metals.

Click the title of each role below to learn more about the role on offer, or to apply:

**Please note that the deadline to apply for these roles is Friday. 11th March.**

- Social & Economic Development Specialist

- Tailings Management & Climate Specialist

- Nature & Biodiversity Specialist 

- Public Affairs Manager

- Senior Innovation Specialist

- Innovation Specialist

- Communications Manager

- Communications Officer

- Health & Safety Specialist

- Indigenous Peoples, Artisanal & Small-Scale Mining Specialist

- Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Specialist

If you have any questions about this team build, please contact Dan Bond at

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