Location United States of America
Job-type Permanent
Salary $Competitive + Benefits Aligned with NGO
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What is the path for the aviation sector to achieve net-zero? Aviation is an essential but challenging sector to decarbonize. It's both a critical contributor to the global economy as well as a source of invaluable social benefits. Unfortunately, the path to net-zero cannot be paved with a single, straightforward solution - a portfolio of solutions is required, and breakthroughs in emerging technologies are a critical component. Achieving these breakthroughs is no small feat and will require industry-wide collaboration and action, thus the Aviation Climate Taskforce was formed.

The Aviation Climate Taskforce (ACT) is a new non-profit founded by 10 leading global airlines, in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group. ACT's mission is to accelerate breakthroughs in critical decarbonization technologies by ~10 years. Meaning, ACT will work to make critical technologies more energy-efficient, more affordable, and available at scale, sooner.

ACT is now ready to appoint its inaugural CEO to bring ACT's vision to life and lead the organization through the growth and success that match its ambition.

About ACT

ACT is focused on stimulating innovation for the next generation of technologies. Its primary focus will be on accelerating breakthroughs in innovation for critical mid-term solutions that are essential for decarbonizing aviation, such as PtL synthetic fuels and direct air capture. ACT will also focus on short-term solutions, like new pathways for bio-based SAF, and long-term solutions, such as hydrogen technologies.

Activities along 3 pillars will enable ACT to accelerate breakthroughs and the scale-up of emerging technologies. It will be the role of the CEO to stand up and execute against pillars 1 and 2, as well as lay the groundwork required to launch pillar 3, an Investment Fund, as a separate for-profit entity:

  1. Launch an Innovation Network focused on expediting core R&D discoveries and technology development by influencing innovation patterns, funding promising research through grants, and tackling challenges through novel angles such as using innovation platforms

  2. Build a Collaboration Forum, comprised of ACT members, to support the adoption and scale-up of technologies.

  3. Craft the strategy and lead the establishment of a separate Investment Fund focused on scaling pre-commercial solutions through investment.

About the role

ACT's success hinges on the organization's ability to grow membership, increase funding, and mobilize against its mission. This requires a CEO that can build trust and consensus across its board and membership, where the former is comprised of senior sustainability experts and member CEOs and Officers.

ACT's CEO will report to the chair of the board and have ultimate oversight and responsibility for the organization's operations, growth, and success. Near-term priorities of the CEO will include:

  • Mission-related work starting with the innovation network.

  • The growth and expansion of ACT's member base (globally) as well as diversification of ACT's funding sources

  • The recruitment of critical talent to grow the organization.

About your experience

As an executive leader of an ambitious, global start-up entity, you must be experienced and comfortable working within small teams to reach bold goals. You also:

  • Committed to climate action;a relentless drive and passion to work in climate change for the purposes of protecting our planet.

  • Bring organizational leadership skills and vision; you have experience establishing a vision, translating this across multiple audiences, and building strong cultures, including mentoring and developing colleagues and managing top-performing teams through your inclusive leadership.

  • Are exceptional at engaging and influencing senior stakeholders, establishing credibility with senior corporate audiences, and skilled in managing complex stakeholder dynamics.

  • Come with relevant subject matter expertise in one or more of the following areas: climate change strategy & policy, clean technology development, emerging technologies in sustainable aviation (or another sector with a similar footprint).

As ACT's CEO you will have an unparalleled opportunity to ignite change and accelerate the decarbonization of the aviation sector.  If you've read this and didn't realize it was the opportunity you were looking for in 2022 (i.e. you haven't looked at your resume in a while and simply feel compelled to find out more), please apply directly or contact Chloë Hunt at chloe.hunt@acre.com and we can discuss further.