Executive Influence

Effectively communicates how systemic challenges create organisational risk and opportunity across all business functions and at all levels, including c-suite. Articulates confidently and credibly. Challenges courageously, when appropriate, whilst being open-minded to feedback. Conveys an image that is consistent with the company’s values, demonstrating the energy and passion to achieve company objectives.

Innovation and Courage

Demonstrates professional curiosity and thinks creatively. Questions the boundaries of conventional practices and takes intelligent risks. Possesses the confidence and bravery to back own beliefs, even if initially perceived as controversial. Willing to be vulnerable in the presence of complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity.

Strategy Development & Delivery

Takes a future-focused perspective when developing a strategy that embeds purpose at the centre of all business operations. Shows proactivity and commitment to deliver personal, team and business-wide objectives. While executing a strategy, demonstrates a collaborative, adaptable and agile approach that is responsive to stakeholders’ values, motivations and needs.

Inclusive Leadership

Understands the complexities of operating across different businesses, geographies and cultures in order to adapt approach. Creates a framework that allows for consistency and local flexibility.

Leads High Performing Teams

Understands the needs and motivations of team members to provide effective guidance. Co-creates individual development plans that support the team to deliver on objectives. Mobilises diverse skill sets in the team to deliver to the highest standard across different tasks. Shows vulnerability, empathy and care to build trust while offering constructive feedback to improve performance.

Legacy & Impact

Understands it is critical to drive systemic change both in and outside of an organisation in order to create sustainable impact. Creates meaningful networks for knowledge sharing and challenges peers, leaders and relevant institutions to collectively pursue continual improvement. Earns respect from peers and exudes genuine motivation to leave a legacy.

Business Insight

Explores ways to embed purpose and add value in line with the company's objectives. Develops a strong understanding of the key challenges and opportunities across a range of core business functions. Able to measure and communicate how embedding purpose positively impacts the bottom line.

Driving Change Through Others

Forms thriving partnerships in and outside the organisation to curate, inspire and influence a network of advocates. Consistently fosters these relationships to create mutual benefit and co-deliver a purpose-led strategy.