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Nature is in a state of decline. Responsive environmental management has never been more vital, yet this requires a constant stream of data about the natural world. Traditional tools and techniques for environmental management struggle to meet this demand effectively. DNA technologies overcome those challenges and empower all, with accessible, ground-breaking science that empowers effective, data-rich, biodiversity monitoring.


Just as humans leave DNA in the air we breathe and the things we touch, so too do animals. Realising applications of DNA sampling in humans, NatureMetrics began applying these methods and designed a product to determine and monitor the impacts of human expansion on the animal kingdom. NatureMetricswas born in 2014 as bridging the gap between ecologists and environmental managers requires a commercial service. 

NatureMetrics is a high growth medium-sized company leading the revolution in molecular biodiversity monitoring, enabling environmental managers to measure and monitor biodiversity with DNA-based tools. The company has worked successfully across 5 sectors showing their clients the impacts of their projects to their natural surroundings.


NatureMetrics are experiencing exponential growth and having just closed series A funding and securing a new HQ in Guildford UK. They are now seeking individuals with a mixture of sustainability understanding and commercial success.

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    To further solidify leadership in the environmental DNA monitoring sector.

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    To continue our trajectory into a mid-sized organisation by expanding our networks across the sectors.

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    To ensure nature can thrive in an ever-expanding human world.

With NatureMetrics’ innovative aquatic eDNA service, we at WWF Peru were able to fully achieve our survey goal of detecting spatial distributions of six culturally and commercially important aquatic species along the Maranon river, and we exceeded our goal by also detecting hundreds of additional vertebrate species, which we can start to take into account in designing a sensitive index of basin-ecosystem health.

- WWF Peru

If you are interested in applying or would like to learn more about the roles below, please click on the job titles.

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    We are seeking an individual with significant commercial and scale up expertise in the environmental sector to help NatureMetrics meet their ambitious growth targets by leading and developing all commercial activities.

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    An exciting opportunity to join an expanding science-based, biodiversity monitoring organisation. This role is looking to assist NatureMetrics with their development in the Financial Services sector.

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    The role will focus on working with key clients in the infrastructure sector and related industries including road, rail and construction. This role suits candidates who have worked on infrastructure projects or have further experience working with protected species legislation, biomonitoring, policy / licensing, the mitigation hierarchy, biodiversity offsetting and net gain will be a distinct advantage.

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    These roles are leading the teams across Environmental Consultancy and NB solutions. NatureMetrics partners with committed companies in these sectors and therefore seek commercially minded strategists to further expand these areas. 

More Information

One company with one global mission

NatureMetrics was born to bridge the gap between molecular ecologists and environmental managers. Their diverse team of specialists now straddle the worlds of applied ecology, academic research, environmental policy, industry standards and biodiversity conservation. They see themselves as playing a major role in developing a new industry – laying robust foundations for growth by working collaboratively with all stakeholders to demonstrate and validate their methods, building trust, confidence and understanding so that they can accelerate collective understanding and protection of the natural world.

They bring the power of genetics to frontline environmental management. These exciting new roles will be responsible for:

  1. Delivering best in class DNA monitoring services to committed clients across various sectors

  1. Building and managing a pipeline within a focussed sector of the business

  1. Servicing the ever-growing demand for biodiversity monitoring across all expansion projects

  1. Building and managing your own team, driving strategy and growth in your sector


Their five fundamental values define how they operate and are the foundation of their success. These values are:

​- Transparency 

  • - Collaboration

  • - Excellence

  • - Honesty 

  • - Advancement 

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