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Primark is a leading international clothing retailer employing more than 65,000 colleagues in 14 countries – and growing. Everything Primark does is centred around affordability and inclusivity – that will never change.

Primark Cares is all about changing how they do business and goes to the very heart of what Primark does. They believe that their customers shouldn't have to choose between affordability and sustainability, so are building a more sustainable approach as a standard benchmark, not an optional extra that costs more.

Primark has a team of 130+ dedicated sustainability experts working on setting a new benchmark for the fast fashion industry. Acre has been supporting Primark for the last 12 years to achieve its ambitions by growing a diverse and high-performing sustainability function.

The business operates according to 3 core pillars:

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    Primark’s clothes will be recyclable by design, made of recycled or sustainably sourced materials and they will last for longer.

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    Primark will halve its carbon footprint, eliminate non-clothing waste and work to restore biodiversity.

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    Primark will pursue a living wage for workers in its supply chain, work to improve their health and wellbeing, and promote equal opportunities for women.

This is a new and exciting chapter for Primark, but it’s not the start of our journey. We’ve been quietly working towards becoming a more sustainable and ethical business for over 10 years. Our sustainable cotton programme, launched in 2013, is now the biggest of its kind in the fashion industry. We have already grown our Primark Cares range of clothes made from more sustainably sourced and recycled materials, to be a quarter of all our clothing sales.

- Paul Marchant, Chief Executive Officer

What else might you not know about sustainability at Primark?

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    The business is in the top 5% of Ethical Trade Initiative brands

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    96% of store and warehouse waste is recycled or reused

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    1 in 4 items of clothing are made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials

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    Primark Cares is a founding member of the Act Initiative, improving wages for workers in key sourcing countries

Apply Today

As our partnership continues with Primark Cares, we are pleased to be supporting with the following key hires, who will play a vital role in the delivery of the business's ambitions:

Role Titles

This team build is being managed by Liam Goldsworthy in Acre's London office. Please get in touch at if you have any specific questions.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity drives innovation and accelerates businesses and enterprises towards their missions. As such, we are wholly committed to partnering with clients and candidates alike to foster a more inclusive, sustainable future for generations to come.

Acre is committed to creating progressive and diverse workplaces, both for ourselves and for the organisations we support. It is important to us that we offer equal opportunities in the recruitment processes that we run. With that, we welcome applications from across the spectrum of potential candidates and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, disabilities, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or marital status.

If you require specific aid or accommodation in order to participate in the job application or interview process, please let us know and we will work with you to ensure that your accessibility needs are met.

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