We know the value of informed decision making.

Leadership assessments are a core aspect of our recruitment offering. Designed to integrate seamlessly into recruitment processes for businesses of all sizes, our leadership assessments allow you to look beyond education and experience to determine a candidate's potential fit for a role or business now and in the future. The insights we gather are also measured against our database of 2,000+ purpose-led professionals; the largest of its kind for health, safety and sustainability-related functions.

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What's In It For Candidates?

When we use our leadership assessments in recruitment, candidates benefit from valuable insight into their strengths and development areas via a one-on-one feedback session with one of our development coaches to prepare them for their final stage interview.

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What's In It For Hiring Managers?

Our leadership assessments help decrease hiring risks by providing objective insight into a candidate's potential for success in a role. This also supports hiring managers to open a more honest and transparent conversation around development from day one.

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How Does This Process

Upon completion of an online questionnaire, our development coaches will generate an in-depth leadership report and consult with both candidates and hiring managers on areas of the report that we'd recommend discussing in more depth during final stage interviews.

Meet Our Development Coaches


  • Oliver Bones - Horizon Energy Group Ltd - Testimonial

    Acre helps empower safety professionals by helping them see their strengths and working with them for meaningful safety outcomes. - would give 6 stars if I could.

    Their leadership assessments are scarily accurate. The coaches are friendly and world-class - especially Ed!

    Oliver Bones, Senior HSEQ Business Partner

    Horizon Energy Group Ltd
  • Katie Warrick - Bettercoal - Testimonial

    ​Working with Acre on a recent recruitment process has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. They really invested the time to get to know me as a candidate, to understand my interests and motivations and ensure I was matched to the role.

    This meant that interviews were constructive because there was already a strong interest on both sides. An unexpected bonus has been two-hours of onboarding coaching. It’s been great to have that time to reflect and have a conversation about what comes next and what’s important to me as I take on this new challenge.

    Acre has been incredibly supportive and it's been a great experience.

    Bettercoal logo

    Katie Warrick, Executive Director

  • Margaux Nguyen - CodeGreen Solutions - Testimonial

    Acre's leadership assessment and coaching sessions brought me a wealth of meaningful insight. During the recruitment process, Josh made me aware of my dominant personality traits and how those traits may lead to positive or negative leadership behaviours. Connecting these dots helped me understand which behaviours have led to success in my career, but also where I have been holding myself back.

    During the two subsequent coaching sessions with Ed, I was able to use these insights to create well-defined, concrete goals for my new role. I feel better equipped to pursue these goals with a newfound self-awareness of my strengths and weaknesses, because Acre provided guidance that was specifically tailored to me.

    CodeGreen Solutions logo

    Margaux Nguyen, Associate Director - Energy Management

    CodeGreen Solutions
  • Fiona Morgan - Sail GP - Testimonial

    Last year I worked with Acre to find a new role and as part of the process, I completed a leadership assessment and coaching program. It was amazing to get this added value as part of the process and shows Acre’s commitment to developing and growing talent. The assessment allowed me and my new employer to really understand my strengths and development areas through insight. It was great to ensure I was aligned to the role and wider organisation, culture and values which is critical in the purpose and sustainability field.

    A few months into my role I had a follow-up coaching session and it was really beneficial to stop, reflect and discuss my personal development. This service was a great addition to the recruitment process and I think very beneficial for all involved.​

    Sail GP logo

    Fiona Morgan, Director of Purpose

    Sail GP
  • Jeff Roycroft - Thai Union Group - Testimonial

    ​I secured my dream job through Acre, who supported me throughout the entire process from the first interview to negotiating my contract.

    I was particularly impressed with the Leadership Competency assessment ahead of the final interview, and I was similarly impressed with the post-offer coaching sessions.

    This involved helping me learn from experiences in previous roles and how to lever this learning to formulate a clear strategy for starting my new role.

    Thai Union Group logo

    Jeff Roycroft, HSE Director - Europe

    Thai Union Group
  • Martin Coyd - Lendlease - Testimonial

    Frameworks is the kind of innovative and bold move we have come to expect from Acre. This initiative leads the way in driving a much-needed change in the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) profession and confirms Acre’s place as a market leader. The feedback from assessing the entire Lendlease HSE team has allowed us to refocus, engage, and develop our people to drive our organisational goal of creating an incident and injury-free workplace. Utilising Acre's assessment service as part of their recruitment offering supported us to make informed hiring decisions and to seamlessly transition new staff from recruitment into development.

    Lendlease logo

    Director of Health, Safety & Environment

  • Lauren Green - The Co-Op Property - Testimonial

    Following our Risk, Health, Safety & Environment (RHSE) team’s experience with an Acre Frameworks coaching and development programme, we enlisted Acre's recruitment function to support us with two key hires. After working with other specialist recruiters to no avail, Acre took over the process and helped us get back on the right track.

    Their approach was enhanced by the inclusion of their Acre Frameworks assessments as part of the recruitment process. Ultimately, this gave us the confidence that our selected candidates were both technical experts and the right people for the job from a cultural perspective, resulting in two first-class hires. Moving forward, I wouldn’t look beyond Acre for our RHSE team’s growth and development.

    The Co-Op logo

    Lauren Green - Head of Risk, Health, Safety & Environment - Property

    The Co-Op

Talent Assessment Technology

  • The Sustainability Census has closed!

    Find out more here:


    The Sustainability Census Survey has officially closed, and we are gathering insights on the global sustainability employment landscape.

    The survey will produce the largest and most global report of its kind with datasets from sustainability experts in North America, Europe and the UK, and Asia.

    Stay tuned for the results.

    The Sustainability Census has closed!
  • Focus On.....Industrial Manufacturing - Part 3

    ​​​Third in a series of video shorts between Tanith Allen, Director - Infrastructure & Manufacturing, and Sam Greensitt, Global Head of Partnerships - Acre Frameworks.

    This episode looks at the evolution of the safety professional within ESG - how can they grow and what is the best route to take?

    Focus On.....Industrial Manufacturing - Part 3
  • Focus On.....Industrial Manufacturing - Part 2

    ​​Second in a series of video shorts between Tanith Allen, Director - Infrastructure & Manufacturing, and Sam Greensitt, Global Head of Partnerships - Acre Frameworks.

    This episode looks at finding the ideal candidate for a sustainability-focused role - what solutions can we offer for organisations that are growing at a fast rate, and what challenges do we face when looking for someone to fill a skills gap?

    Focus On.....Industrial Manufacturing - Part 2
  • Focus On.....Industrial Manufacturing - Part 1

    ​First in a series of video shorts between Tanith Allen, Director - Infrastructure & Manufacturing, and Sam Greensitt, Global Head of Partnerships - Acre Frameworks.

    This episode covers the scope of the Industrial Manufacturing sector from Acre's perspective, and the range of organisations with which we work.

    Focus On.....Industrial Manufacturing - Part 1
  • The Acre Frameworks Dashboard

    Our leadership assessments are powered by our online data analytics platform: The Acre Frameworks Dashboard.

    We use the Dashboard to present objective data about candidates' strengths and development needs to determine their fit for a specific role or company.

    The Acre Frameworks Dashboard

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Why Should You Use Acre's Leadership Assessments?

Soft skills are harder to measure than technical skills due to their subjective nature. This is made more challenging by the emphasis on technical competence when transitioning from traditional, academic routes into health, safety and sustainability-related professions.

With this in mind, we partnered with health, safety and sustainability professionals, for health, safety and sustainability professionals to address this skill gap head-on.

We co-created a market-leading competency framework in collaboration with 100+ industry leaders to determine the key skills required for current and future leaders to disrupt traditional thinking and deliver measurable impact. Available at two levels, our framework assesses against the following competencies:

Foundations Level:

For junior to pre-management level professionals

Continuous Improvement
Flexible to Change
Managing Challenge
Planning & Organising
Stakeholder Engagement
Taking Action
Team Player

Leadership Level:

For management to executive level professionals

Business Insight
Driving Change Through Others
Executive Influence
Inclusive Leadership
Innovation & Courage
Leads High Performing Teams
Legacy & Impact
Strategy Development & Delivery

Interested in learning more?

We'd love to discuss how leadership assessments can benefit your recruitment process. Please fill out the short form below and a member of our team will be in touch with more information.