Who Is This Course For?

Are you someone who has been in a leadership role for a long time? Or, perhaps you've been successful at an operational level but have recently been promoted? If you're nodding along, and you're wondering how you can develop the skills that will allow you to elevate your leadership approach, think more strategically and have a bigger impact, then this development programme is for you. Bringing participants together from a range of different sectors and organisations, you'll gain insight from a diverse set of perspectives and develop practical strategies for building an impactful career. This is a great opportunity for leaders at any stage - be that aspiring, new or well established.

How Does It Work?

Learning Pods are our solution to creating more effective and engaging virtual training environments. This involves 10 'bite-sized' learning sessions that will take place over the course of 10 months. They're never more than 2 hours in length and they offer plenty of time and space between sessions for you to reflect and to turn your insights into actions. You won't just benefit from learning the course content, but also from the experiences and reflections of your peers.

What topics will we explore?

Our first session will be simple. We'll ease into the programme by setting the scene for you, aligning our expectations and determining the best path forward to unlock your growth mindset and enable self-leadership. After that, we'll work through the following 8 modules:

1. Embracing Your Personal Brand & Values-Led Leadership:

We all have our own unique style but we don't always know how to make the most of it. This module involves a deep dive into understanding our personal values and how they impact the way we 'show up' at work. We'll then support you to communicate your values in order to develop and showcase an engaging leadership style.

2. Understanding Your Leadership Style

This thought-provoking module explores an adaptive approach to stakeholder engagement and helps you determine the behaviours that will best serve your efforts to lead effectively. We'll prompt you to flex your self-awareness muscles to consider the leadership styles that you're most and least likely to adopt, deepening your learnings from your Acre Frameworks Discovery Session.

3. The Coaching Approach

When we get comfortable in our careers, it can be easy to lose sight of the value that professional curiosity can add to the workplace. This module aims to inspire you to reconnect with your inner sense of curiosity. To do so, we'll introduce the concept of asking powerful questions in order to harness a growth mindset and ultimately, to engage more effectively with key stakeholders.

4 & 5. Cultural Sensitivity (2 Parts)

As businesses become increasingly global in scale, it is crucial that you understand how to effectively navigate the unique cultural differences that come with them. This two-part module will equip you with practical strategies for evaluating, leading and adapting in a global team.

6. Giving Effective Feedback

As human beings, we tend to avoid giving honest feedback for fear of hurting feelings. Using Kim Scott's Radical Candor feedback framework, this module demonstrates that being clear is being kind. By approaching feedback with curiosity, we'll equip you with productive coaching strategies to avoid getting defensive and to embrace opportunities for change.

7. Influencing for Change

In the modern world, change is right around the corner. As purpose-driven professionals, we must be equipped to influence for positive change at all levels of an organisation, from CEO to apprentice. This module gives you the tools to identify your own influencing style, to unlock the power of persuasion and to become a skilled negotiator.

8. Leading with Courage

In the wise words of Dr. Brené Brown, "The world is desperate for braver leaders. It’s time for all of us to step up." This module will help you debunk the idea that vulnerability is synonymous with weakness. On the contrary, we'll consider how a culture of openness, honesty and non-judgment can increase productivity and overall performance.

We'll conclude with a session aimed at solidifying learnings and scanning the horizon for what's next in your development journey.

Does it matter where I'm based?

No - Learning Pods were designed specifically to support global teams. Regardless of where you're based, we ensure that the sessions are scheduled to suit your time zone.

How Much Does It Cost?

​Programmes start from £2,190 + VAT per person.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just fill out the form below and we'll take care of the rest:

April Too Soon?

Not to worry. We run open courses on a frequent basis. If you fill out the form above, we'll be in touch with other date options.