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While it is evident that responding to the current health emergency is of utmost importance, these efforts will inevitably be met by catastrophic repercussions if we do not immediately link them to another emergency: the climate emergency.

As we endeavour to respond and to combat the effects of climate change, the conversation no longer revolves around whether or not we should transition towards a net zero carbon economy, but rather how we are going to do so. With over 1,700 jurisdictions across 30 countries declaring a climate emergency and 631 institutional investors with $37 trillion in assets calling for government leaders to accelerate efforts, we have an opportunity to catch the net zero wave now.

This paper discusses the outcomes from a trio of cross-industry, solutions-focused interviews that looked to determine the resources required to effectively deliver a green recovery by closing existing gaps and determining how best to overcome them in the current health crisis and beyond.

This paper discusses the following topics: 

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    Major Challenges of Net Zero Transition    

    What are the main barriers stopping us from delivering a successful energy transition?

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    The Role of Financial Services Industry

    Does this represent the greatest economic transformation of all time?

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    Solutions to Overcome the Complexities

    Many of the solutions exist, so how do we speed up & scale up deployment?

“Trying to deliver a transition of an entire economy from an energy system that took decades to deploy within a drastically shorter timeframe is a layer of the equation we haven’t encountered on this scale before.”

 Mark Chadwick – Managing Director UK & Ireland, ENGIE Impact

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    Green Finance Capital

    With the speed at which Green Finance is growing, will it soon become mainstream finance?

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    Nature-Based Solutions

    Do we need to think less about what we can deploy and more about what is already around us?

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    Hydrogen Economy

    Can we produce hydrogen in much larger more sustainable quantities?

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    People Solutions

    Will purpose-driven professionals spark the rise of purpose driven companies?

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