Acre Employee Awards

15 March 2021 by Grace Coleman
blog author

They say an organisation is truly as great as its people and for Acre, this was proven when the world was hit with the Covid19 crisis last year. Despite our physical separation, and team members working from home across different parts of the world, we pulled together as a single unit drawing strength from the fact that whatever area of the business we are from, we’re all in this together. 

We recently hosted our Annual Year Celebration, with 45 of us virtually coming together to celebrate our successes. A core part of our celebration is awarding members of staff who have gone above and beyond for the business, living and breathing the Acre values. We are a testament to the fact that for any business, there is nothing more powerful than the passion embodied by its employees. We like to acknowledge that, drawing attention to the incredible efforts made by members of staff and the exceptional services they provide. 

Ian Povey-Hall, Head of Sustainable & Impact Investing, delivers retained searches for senior executives and teams to work on sustainable & impact investing projects across the globe. In March 2020, Ian produced the second whitepaper in his Impact Investing Insights series. The planning and execution of his round table with industry experts was exceptional, discussing aligning incentive structures for investment managers and employees with the impact of their investment activities. The roundtable formed the subsequently published impactful whitepaper 'Outcomes Aligned Incentive Structure for Investment Managers and Their Employees' summarising the discussion and highlighting key themes within the market. Alongside his excellent industry collaboration, Ian also started the year with four team members and ended with seven. As such Ian is awarded for ‘Delivering the Greatest Impact,' a result of his outstanding performance throughout the year combined with hard work, commitment, and consistency. 

Jane Adatia, our Financial Director, is responsible for all aspects of Acre’s Finance. When we were first hit by the pandemic financial control was critical - Jane has driven us through this crisis, putting us in a stronger position than ever before. Through Jane’s knowledge and hard work, the bar was shifted beyond anything we could have ever imagined. After the incredible amount of hard work, she has put in over the last 12 months, alongside her skill in driving efficiency and control in business and accounting processes, Jane was awarded the ‘Directors Award’. “The work she has completed over the past 12 months speaks for itself. Jane has helped to navigate the business through these unprecedented times, and I think we each have a story about how she has helped us out. She has supported me throughout my first year at Acre and shown me how to be a true professional. I think we all agree that she thoroughly deserves this award” Asif Hussain, Apprentice Finance Assistant, Acre 

Rachel Frost, Head of Marketing - UK, Europe & USA, leads both the strategy and delivery of our global marketing plan, overseeing everything from events & partnerships, branding & design, internal communications and content production. In 2020, she delivered exceptional marketing material, further enhancing the Acre brand. After not only starting the year with two brand-new websites for the UK and US, Rachel led her team in producing over 50 incredible candidate information packs to visually build interest and add credibility to our searches, rolling out collateral that allows us to represent our clients to the highest standard as part of our service offering. As a company that prides itself on being marketing-led, it was only right that Rachel won the 'Business Excellence Award’ to recognise her innovation, dedication and passion for Acre.


Marie Cloherty, Manager - Sustainability, leads and drives our market-leading sustainability team through exceptional campaigns, innovation and cross-team collaboration. Marie has supported her team over the last 12 months to deliver on a rapidly growing number of projects. One of those initiatives is the Global CR Salary & Market Survey, the largest of its kind, which was completed by over 1,500 corporate responsibility & sustainability professionals globally in 2020. A cross-team collaboration on an International Climate and Environmental Team Build with leading food and agri-business, Olam, was a highlight to end the year. The partnership marks a pivotal time for both Olam and Acre, as we fill ten key impactful roles which reimagine the global agriculture and food systems. These are just some of the incredible projects executed this year by Marie and the CR&S team. Couple the projects with Marie’s dedication and passion for the CR&S teams' success, she was also awarded a 'Business Excellence Award'.

Sean Desouza, Senior Marketing Executive, supports Acre to deliver the marketing strategy within Acre Frameworks and the EHS market. Sean executes every task at hand with finesse and has produced exceptional work this year. She has helped to enhance our Acre Frameworks dashboard, honing in on providing a better User Experience, which will better support us to enhance non-technical competencies within our markets. Sean also supported the design and promotion of a number of white papers we released in 2020 including 'The Road to a Green Recovery', 'What We're Learning: Navigating a Pademinc Through the Lends of an HSE Leader' and 'Leading HSE in the Ongoing Crisis Response'. Described as a team player, innovative, and someone who goes above and beyond, Sean is someone who represents the Acre values daily and with that, she was awarded the ‘MVP Award’ (Most Valued Player) by the team.

After celebrating the successes of the past year, the teamwork through this challenging time and the people who have gone above and beyond at Acre, we have started 2021 busy and successful. We have been working on new team builds, placing impactful roles, built a new partnership with Diversity in Sustainability, all whilst achieving two of our most profitable months on record. Our growing and passionate team are on hand to support you with tackling climate change and sustainability challenges. Contact us at Acre via, to discuss the unique opportunities and services we can offer.