More and more, organisations are requiring sustainability-minded employees, for every role, in each department and skill set. At Acre, this is our core expertise.

As the global market leader in sustainability recruitment since 2003, we’ve been connecting talented sustainability candidates who have the ability to make an impact in sustainability jobs with progressive organisations wanting to prevent climate change.

Our sustainability recruitment and executive search teams are always in touch with the very best sustainability professionals in our markets. This means we can meet your ambitions by being a trusted partner for finding and developing the talent your business needs to make a sustainable impact.


Sustainability Executive Search & Recruitment

We recognise the difference the right people make. After all, businesses don't create change, people do.

With our global network of purpose-driven professionals, our sustainability executive search and recruitment teams are always in touch with exceptional corporate sustainability leaders. If you have sustainability jobs to fill in your organisation, we'll work with you to forge a deep understanding of your business goals and advise on talent solutions to get you there.

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Sustainability Contract & Interim Recruitment

In the fight against climate change, sustainable change is urgent and important. That's why our sustainability contract and interim recruitment team is always on hand to help you find the right sustainability professionals, at the right time, to make a difference in the right places.

If you need a Head of Sustainability, Environmental Specialist or LCA expert to join your business quickly and drive impact from day one, our specialist sustainability contract and interim recruitment team can help.


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Sustainability Leadership Development

We work with your people, the leaders of today and tomorrow, taking the time to understand the skills your business needs to create impact.

And, with our sustainability recruitment capabilities, we can advise on talent solutions that are designed to deliver this change - be that through leadership assessments, leadership coaching or leadership training programmes.

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Meet the Team


  • Executive Director - ICI - Harco - Testimonial

    I am honoured, and humbled, by the task at hand and the responsibilities ahead as the Executive Director at the ICI. ​Thank you, Harco. It was my pleasure to participate in this process, especially considering the outcome. Thanks again for the support, guidance, advice and professionalism through the steps of what was also for me, an excellent learning process.

    Executive Director

    International Cocoa Initiative
  • Scott Breen - Vice President of Sustainability - Testimonial

    The person that I engaged with at Acre, Catherine Harris, was professional and helpful throughout the entire hiring process. She made sure that I knew what was required of me, answered any questions that I had in a thoughtful and speedy manner, and provided insightful feedback on my approach to interviews and presentations. I tell anyone who needs to find the most qualified sustainability professional that it is worth every penny to hire Acre to help them find the perfect person. Both the people hiring and people applying will be impressed with the high level of customer service that Acre provides.

    Scott Breen, Vice President of Sustainability

    Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI)
  • Head of European Sustainability Affairs - Samsung - Testimonial

    Acre is the most specialised sustainability recruiter in the UK. I have always been impressed with the quality of candidates sent to me and I would have no hesitation to recommend Acre to anyone looking to find new people in the sustainability field.

    Head of European Sustainability Affairs


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    ​In a recent article for the Financial Times, Acre's Client Director, Head of Private Markets & Real Assets - EMEA, Helen Pradas-Page, discusses the "green hiring spike" the world has seen in recent years, the growing demand for specialist knowledge, and the opportunity to hire people from the non-profit sector. In addition, Helen addresses the transition of industry professionals from environmental non-profit groups to financial firms that the demand for climate specialist knowledge has resulted in.

    A war for climate talent is hotting up • With commentary from Acre's Helen Pradas-Page
  • 1 in 3 young workers turn down jobs if a business reveals weak ESG ratings

    ​Millennials and younger workers are already considered a force to be reckoned with, so it may come as a little surprise that they are turning down jobs with companies that lag behind when it comes to valuing ESG factors.

    According to a new study by professional services firm KPMG, businesses lacking robust environmental, social and governance credentials are not appealing to younger prospective candidates who are searching for a more environmentally friendly and purpose-driven role.

    1 in 3 young workers turn down jobs if a business reveals weak ESG ratings
  • Funding for pioneering nature projects to identify carbon capture

    Natural England has announced a £4.3 million funding package to trial carbon capturing and benefit a handful of projects across England.

    CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere using nature-based solutions, which will not only tackle challenges affecting people and nature but also prevent emissions from agricultural land and degraded natural sites.

    Funding for pioneering nature projects to identify carbon capture
  • Are you mindful when unwrapping a bar of chocolate?

    Are you mindful when unwrapping a bar of chocolate during your favourite Christmas movie?
    This question is slightly misleading - I’m not interrogating consumption levels, but rather focusing on the packaging wrapped around your moments of indulgence. While the rustling sound of unwrapping a chocolate bar is satisfying to the senses, the negative impact packaging waste inflicts on the planet is catastrophic.

    Are you mindful when unwrapping a bar of chocolate?

Sustainability Recruitment Overview

What we do today makes a difference to the world we live in tomorrow. So, everything we do today matters and how we do it matters even more. We are determined to create a positive, sustainable legacy for Acre, for our society, and our planet by having influence and providing value to businesses who are ambitious to create change.

Our 18 years' experience in sustainability recruitment means we have already cultivated an expansive global network of exceptional sustainability leaders; a network of purpose-driven professionals.

What areas of sustainability does Acre recruit in?

Sustainability Strategy Recruitment

We operate across the entire breadth and depth of sustainability, corporate responsibility and environmental strategy recruitment. Our network of sustainability strategy leaders includes individuals with proven track records of establishing short and long-term sustainability strategies, as well as working with executive leadership teams, subject matter experts and external consultants to centralise, operationalise and lead commitments in all areas of sustainability strategy.

Browse our current sustainability strategy jobs here.

Sustainability Reporting Recruitment

We have a team of sustainability reporting recruitment specialists dedicated to connecting experienced sustainability reporting professionals with organisations looking to drive honest, accurate disclosure and communication around their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, as well as their progress towards achieving them.

Browse our current sustainability reporting jobs here.

Corporate Responsibility & Community Recruitment

For years, we’ve placed corporate responsibility and community leaders into corporate responsibility and community jobs within organisations of all sizes, to foster community relations that embed social purpose into corporate strategies and business operations.

Browse our current corporate responsibility and community jobs here.

Ethical Trade Recruitment

Now, more than ever, consumers want confidence in knowing that the products and services they buy have not been produced at the expense of workers' rights, local communities or the environment. We have a comprehensive, global network of established ethical trade experts with the knowledge and experience required to drive transformative change in organisations’ trade practices. Whether you're looking for a long-term, permanent ethical trade recruitment solution - like a Global Ethical Trade Director or an Ethical Trade Analyst - or for someone to join you immediately, we have access to the people your business needs today.

Browse our current ethical trade jobs here.

Sustainability Marketing Recruitment

We work with the most aspirational businesses with the potential to make real change, from those who are just starting out to those who are well on their journey to crafting a legacy. Our esteemed, global network of sustainability marketing professionals have the expertise to ensure that you market your sustainability progress in a way that is open, honest and transparent. If you need a Sustainability Marketing Manager or a Head of Sustainability Marketing & Communications, you're in the right place.

Browse our current sustainability marketing jobs here.

Sustainability Communications Recruitment

We'll work with you to find sustainability communications specialists who can bring your sustainability journey to life through strategic internal and client-facing sustainability communications strategies, responsible business marketing campaigns, and more. If you're looking to work with purpose-driven marketing professionals who understand the importance of articulating your true commitments to responsible business and inclusion, we're best placed to support you to create and fill your sustainability communications jobs.

Browse our current sustainability communications jobs here.

Sustainability Consulting Recruitment

If you're looking to embed sustainability consulting jobs into your organisation, we can connect you with sustainability professionals that are extremely well versed in providing advisory support to businesses of all sizes. Whether you need someone to oversee project teams, provide strategic leadership to internal and external stakeholders, or work closely alongside new business teams, our sustainability consulting recruitment team has access to sustainability consulting market leaders with the knowledge and expertise to drive change in your organisation and beyond.

Browse our current sustainability consulting jobs here.
What skills does Acre look for in a sustainability professional during the recruitment process?

The technical expertise required to drive sustainable change varies from person to person, but driving real change in purpose-driven professions takes more than technical expertise.

From our experience working with over 100 market-leaders, we understand the sustainability skills and behaviours required to drive this change.

We develop and assess against our bespoke competency framework of non-technical skills, built based on data that outlines what 'good' looks like in over 2,000 purpose-driven professionals. We believe that those non-technical skills, such as Business Insight & Inclusive Leadership, make an effective leader who can drive change and deliver impact.

Find out more about our Sustainability Leadership Assessments here.

Sustainability Leadership Development

We work with your people, the leaders of today and of tomorrow, taking the time to understand the skills your business needs to achieve your ambitions and create impact and fight against climate change. And, with our sustainability recruitment capabilities, we can advise on talent solutions that are designed to deliver this change.

We believe that a continuous approach to development leads to different types of actions, resulting in more thoughtful and impactful behaviours. That’s why our sustainability leadership development programmes include time between sessions to put theory into practice; providing an opportunity to reflect, think and take meaningful action.

Find out more about our Sustainability Leadership Development Programmes here.

What should a sustainability professional get paid?

There is a range of things to consider when it comes to compensation within the sustainability marketplace. We survey the sustainability industry every two years as part of our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) Salary Survey, which aims to understand the evolution of the marketplace over the past 10 years and to unpack topics related to gender and diversity pay gaps, breakdowns of compensation by global region and sector, and much more.

Click here to read our most recent CR&S Salary Survey.

Why choose Acre to be your Sustainability Recruitment & Search Partner?

We all desire that our work is meaningful. At Acre, we work with the most aspirational businesses with the potential to make real change; from those who are just starting out to those who are well on the journey to crafting a legacy. Two decades of experience in sustainability recruitment, combined with our extensive global network, enables us to provide talent solutions that are designed to deliver this change.

Through our unique behavioural assessment technology, we understand the types of people, skills and behaviours required to create impact. We can develop these qualities within your existing teams too. We find talented people and develop their skills to make a true impact in ambitious, progressive organisations looking to reduce the impacts of climate change.

The result? Businesses equipped to build resilience, adapt and manage the risks involved in tackling climate change.

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