Today with The Fashion Pact, the fashion industry has the opportunity to pioneer sector-wide transformation towards a more sustainable future.

The Fashion Pact is a global coalition of 70+ companies in the fashion and textile sector who have committed to utilising the power of the collective to accelerate change in three environmental areas: climate, biodiversity, and oceans. Uniquely, The Fashion Pact is a CEO-led, action-based non-profit organisation funded by its members, leveraging joint action to achieve and scale impact.

The Fashion Pact has grown by 200% in the past 2 years creating a community of over 200 brands, representing one third of the global fashion industry. In light of this growth, Acre is delighted to support The Fashion Pact on a number of key hires over the course of 2023, which will play a critical role in the scaling of the organisation and its impact on transforming the fashion industry as a whole. The Fashion Pact is growing its secretariat in Paris.

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    Developing and Implementing Science-Based Targets (SBT) for nature and associated strategies

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    Implementing SBTs for climate, achieving net-zero by 2050

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    Reducing the negative impact of the fashion industry on ocean environments

Today, the fashion industry has the opportunity to lead a shift towards a more sustainable future. We can set an example for how companies can work together and take action on the crucial issues of climate change, biodiversity and protecting the world’s oceans. Collaboration is vital if we are to develop a truly sustainable industry, and to do so as quickly and effectively as possible.”

- Francois-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO, Kering & Co-Chair of The Fashion Pact Steering Committee

The Fashion Pact’s guiding principles:

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    Engaged CEO Leadership

    CEO support of sustainability sends a powerful message; resetting priorities and marshalling resources within a company, raising standards and expectations for the industry

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    Act Beyond Existing Initiatives

    Focussing on actions that go beyond existing industry measures, avoiding replication and building on the work of peers

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    The Power of the Collective

    Collaborative action is at the heart of everything The Fashion Pact does; as a collective, the business catalyses improvement within the coalition and eventually across the rest of the industry

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Apply Today

New roles with The Fashion Pact:

- Chief of Staff

- Industry Transformation Manager

- Project Coordinator - Climate

This project is being managed by Acre’s Liam Goldsworthy, Head of Consumer Goods and Retail in our London office. For specific information related to individual postings, please get in touch with the relevant consultant.

Diversity drives innovation and accelerates businesses and enterprises towards their missions. As such, we are wholly committed to partnering with clients and candidates alike to foster a more inclusive, sustainable future for generations to come.

Acre is committed to increasing diversity and maintaining a progressive and inclusive workplace, both for ourselves and for the organisations we support. It is important to us that we offer equal opportunities in the recruitment processes that we run. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age, marital status or whether or not they have a disability.

If you require additional equipment, resources or support in order to participate in the job application or interview process, please let us know by contacting the named consultant managing this search and we will work with you to ensure that your accessibility needs are met.

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